Disc Brake Pads

Organic. Compatible with Shimano, TRP, Tektro, QUAD

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●High performance Kevlar, Ceramic, Brass and resin composite material. 
●Provides excellent brake power with minimal effort at the brake lever. 
●Performance is consistent in both wet and dry conditions and pad life is excellent. 
●High quality springs included with every set (where applicable).

●Compatible with 
  Deore BR-M575,BR-M525,BR-M515,BR-T615 / LX BR-T675
  BR-M505 / BR-M495
  BR-M486 / BR-M485
  BR-M475 / BR-M465
  BR-M447 / BR-M446
  BR-M445 / BR-M416
  BR-M415 / BR-M395
  Hylex / HY / RD
  Spyre SLC / Spyre
  Spyke / Dash Sport
  Orion SL HD-M740
  Orion HD-M730,HD-M725
  Gemini SL HD-M520 / M521
  Gemini HD-M500  /M501,HD-M510
  Draco2 HD-M352
  HDC330 HD-M330
  Auriga HD-M290 / M291,HD-T530,HD-T525,HD-T520,HD-E530,HD-E525,HD-E520,HD-E500
  Aquila MD-M500
  Aries MD-M300 / MD-M280
  Mira MD-C400 /Volans HD-T710 / Vela HD-T290
  Dorado HD-E715
  Disc Brake
●Material: Organic
●Color: Black 
●Package:1PR/PRG color box