PRG Disc Brake Pads Series - Magura Marta 2009,Louise 2007/08,Bat,Carbon,Julie hp

Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake

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PRG Organic Disc Pads comprise of an optimum compound containing a variety of materials that produces outstanding braking performance with minimum effort at the brake lever.

●High performance Kevlar, Ceramic, Brass and resin composite material. 

●Provides excellent brake power with minimal effort at the brake lever. 

●Performance is consistent in both wet and dry conditions and pad life is excellent. 

●High quality springs included with every set (where applicable).

A specially formulated E-Bike compound with performance Kevlar, Ceramic, Brass and resin composite material. Heat barrier on the backing plate to reduce heat transfer into the brake caliper so there will be no brake fade from the higher speeds of the New E-Bikes.

●long lasting, high endurance pad compound. 

●very easy modulation of braking force. 

●high temperature stability for consistent brake power. 

●Semi Metal is low noise and rotor friendly.

●Compatible with


  Marta 2009

  Louise 2007/08

  Louise Bat

  Louise Carbon

  Julie hp 

  Brake Force One 

  BFO Brake


●Material: Organic/E-Power

●Color: Black/Blue

●Package:1PR/PRG color box

●Package:25PR/PRG Cardboard box (PBP-0-40-TB)

●Package:1PR/PE BAG (PBP-0-40-PB)

●Made In Taiwan