PRG Disc Brake Pads Series - Magura MT5e/7e

Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake For E-BIKE

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PRG Organic Disc Pads comprise of an optimum compound containing a variety of materials that produces outstanding braking performance with minimum effort at the brake lever.

●High performance Kevlar, Ceramic, Brass and resin composite material. 

●Provides excellent brake power with minimal effort at the brake lever. 

●Performance is consistent in both wet and dry conditions and pad life is excellent. 

●High quality springs included with every set (where applicable).

PRG's stunning model's sintered compound is weather-resistant and extremely durable making these pads perfect for downhill and enduro use especially in difficult conditions.

●Improve braking power under wet and dry conditions

●Very low pad wear rate

●High heat resistance

●Ideal for long downhill/gravity/high brake riders

●Compatible with


  MT5e / MT7e


●Material: Organic/Sintered

●Color: Black/Grey

●Package:1PR/PRG color box

●Package:25PR/PRG Cardboard box (PBP-0-43-TB)

●Package:1PR/PE BAG (PBP-0-43-PB)

●Made In Taiwan