Hydraulic Brake Hose - Macaron series

2.1mm suit to Avid & Magura system. 2.3mm suit to Shimano system. 30M / Roll

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The PRG Plus Hydraulic hose is the perfect way to customise your bike while enhancing braking performance and durability.

●Pressure resistance, anti-explosion, lifting efficiency of oil pressure and frictional resistance

●Lifting hydraulic brake hose security by using PVDF as tubing and using Nylon as jacket


●Material: PVDF (tubing) + Twine with high-tenacity yarn + Kelvar (reinforcement) + Nylon 12 (Jacket)

●Inner Diameter: 2.1mm / 2.3mm

●Outer Diameter: 5.0 mm

●Layer: 4

●Length : 30 & 50M / Roll 

●Suitable System:

2.1mm suit to Avid & Magura system

2.3mm suit to Shimano system

●Color Options: Black / Red / Blue / Green / Yellow

●Package : 1 Roll / PRG showbox