MTB Brake Stainless Inner Wire - Low Friction

This ultra-high-quality brake cable from PRG delivers ultra low friction braking performance. Telfon coating reduces friction to 0.02 compared with 0.05 with a standard steel wire

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Constructed from spiral bound stainless steel that is Pre-stretched and then polished to a smooth finish, you’ll enjoy lightning quick braking. Compatible with cable lubricants and PRG's performance lubricated outer cables, you will get the absolute best from this inner gear cable.

NEW SLICK TECH- The friction is 10% lower compare with regular slick cable by changing the angle of polishing apparatus and make the void between strings smaller and smoother.

●Improved smoothness after coated teflon

●Lower friction

●Lubricant surface

●Easy to clean

●Heat-resistant 280°C, Cold-resistant -20°C



●Slick Stainless / Teflon Coating finished 

●O.D.: 1.5mm

●Length: 1700mm

●Nipple spec: 6*7mm 

●Suitable system: Shimano & SRAM MTB brake

●Package: 1PC / PRG Zipper Bag

●Package: 100PC / PRG Dispenser Box